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Why do so few men take time off for childcare?



 I believe that there are four primary reasons why so few men take time off for childcare.
 The first reason is that many men do not want to take time off for childcare. If they really want to do that, many of them did. Many men don’t even think of taking time off for childcare because they like to work or they blindly believe that they should work.
 The second reason is that the stereotype that men should work and women should do parenting is still rampant. Many people have been brainwashed by this prejudice and criticize people who do not follow suit. Especially in Japan where peer group pressure is extremely strong, it takes courage and intelligence to go against it.
 The third reason is that the system is still not readily available. There are still a lot of companies which do not provide any system for paternity leave. If the system is not ready yet, it is extremely difficult to implement it.
 The fourth reason is that many people blindly believe that they cannot quit the company. Therefore, if they want to take paternity leave, they need permission from the company and many companies do not give the permission, or if they do, there is so much peer pressure against it.
 In conclusion, I believe that these are the four primary reasons why so few men take time off for childcare.