Family 07


Working mothers and their influence on the family



 Nowadays the number of working mothers has been increasing and now I would like to mention their primary influences on the family.
 Firstly, the amount of time for which mothers are at home decreases. If someone goes outside, the amount of time for which they are at home decreases. This is a physical fact. Consequently, the amount of time for which mothers stay with their children or do housework decreases too.
 Secondly, due to working, mothers may be more tired. They are likely to be more tired physically and mentally as a result of working. Consequently, it can be more difficult and tiresome to do parenting and housework.
 However, one can turn these situations into something good for everyone involved. For example, they can hire a housemaid so that mothers can go to work and have housework done while a housemaid can get an employment opportunity. If one wants to work but does not want to reduce the time with their children, they can work from home or can work only when their children are at school.
 As I mentioned, these are the primary influences of working mothers on the family and I believe that the important thing is to manage work and family at the same time in a way which is good for everyone involved, without being deluded by illogical prejudice.