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The roles of men and women in the home



 Every person is different so that it is unfair to generalize the roles of men and women. However men and women are biologically different so that there are certain roles which are more suitable for either sex.
 When it comes to the roles of men, generally men have more muscles than women so that physical labor such as do-it-yourself carpentry is more suitable for men. Moreover, a survey showed that men have larger amygdalae than women. Amygdala is a part of brain which is in charge of emotions so that it can be said that men are more suitable for the roles which require more emotional intelligence such as teaching children how to deal with emotions.
 When it comes to the roles of women, a survey showed that generally women have larger frontal lobes than men. Frontal lobe is a part of brain whose functions are to predict future possibilities, and to choose between good and bad actions, and to judge what is socially acceptable or not. Therefore it can be said that the roles which require these qualities such as future planning, decision making, teaching children moral values and human relationships, are more suitable for women.
 Of course, these are mere statistical generalization in a generally speaking way, however these can be said to be the roles of men and women in the home because there are biological explanations for it.