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What rights should children have?



 I believe that there are the two following rights that children should have.
 The first right is to know how this universe works because it is extremely important to create one’s ideal future. Universal law rules this world and people cannot go against it but on the contrary people can do whatever they want if it is going along the law. Therefore children should know how this universe works as early as possible to create one’s ideal life without being deluded by human world concepts because they are often against the universal law, thus not work in this universe.
 The second right is to choose their future freely because it is unfair not to be able to choose one’s future of their own accord. Therefore, it is really important for adults to give children many options and tell them all the possible consequences of each option, and let them choose whatever they want. Also, adults should teach children the difference between subjective opinions and objective facts and when they give their opinions to children they should say that what they will say now is not facts but their opinions because by this, children can independently make their choice without being deluded by other people’s subjective opinions.
 For the aforementioned reasons, these are the two rights that children should have.