Family 03


The role of family relationships in childhood development



 Family relationships in childhood development have tremendous influence on people and I believe that there are the two most important primary roles of family relationships.
 The first role is to give children unconditional acceptance and love. Statistics demonstrate that 62% of prostitutes and 90% of murderers were abused as children and many successful people have unconditionally accepting parents. Unconditional acceptance and love give children mental security and confidence and self-esteem which are extremely important to lead a happy life.
 The second role is to give children great practical education since existing school education is not practical and almost waste of time. Therefore it is the family role to provide children with practical education, such as how to maintain health physically and mentally, and how to deal with emotions effectively and heal bad memories and let go of fixed ideas and choose love over fear, and about human relationships and human behavior, and how to find and do what one loves and earn enough money by it, and how this universe works, and how to make oneself happy, and how to create one’s ideal future.
 For the aforementioned reasons, I believe that these are the two most important primary roles of family relationships.