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The ideal parent-child relationship



 I believe that there are following five factors for the ideal parent-child relationship.
 The first factor is that parents let children decide all the decisions about their life of their own accord because this gives children the sense of responsibility and independence.
 The second factor is that parents love children unconditionally. If parents do not love children unconditionally, children will have low self-esteem. Since a lot of research show that low self-esteem causes many problems, this is extremely important.
 The third factor is that children know that parents are not perfect and forgive them even if they are not good parents. Everyone has flaws and acceptance of flaws and forgiveness are a key to human relationships.
 The fourth factor is that children show respect and gratitude to parents. As I mentioned earlier, low self-esteem has many serious consequences and this is not specific to children. Hence it is really important for children to make parents feel respected.
 The fifth factor is both children and parents never ram their opinions down each other’s throats because this is the very cause of many conflicts. There is no such thing as right or wrong. There are just different opinions. Thus, it is very important to respect different values.
 As I mentioned, these are the five factors for the ideal parent-child relationship.