Environment 22


Preparing for an earthquake



 Since an earthquake has serious consequences, it is natural to believe that people should prepare for it. Now I would like to mention three effective ways to prepare for an earthquake.
 The first effective way is learning evacuation routes in case of when an earthquake causes serious damages to the building because otherwise it is extremely dangerous to stay in a collapsing or burning building.
 The second effective way is to reserve food and water because this is essential for people to survive especially when an earthquake wreaks havoc so that people lose access to food and water.
 The third effective way is the reinforcement of the building and fixing the furniture because it causes severe repercussions if the building collapses or the furniture falls down. To put it in another way, no matter how big an earthquake is, if it causes no damage to every building in the earthquake area and all the furniture doesn’t move at all, there will be no need for evacuating and food will be ensured and people will be OK.
 As I mentioned, I believe that there are the aforementioned three effective ways to prepare for an earthquake.