Environment 21


The functions of zoos in modern society



 Although there are many problems to deal with, zoos still play a significant role in many ways. Now I would like to mention two primary functions of zoos in modern society.
 The first primary function is educational. Many zoos provide educational programs which teach people about the natural world and the importance of life and the current environmental situation, which leads people to learn the importance of maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem. Since each individual’s sense of awareness of the importance is indispensable to coexistence with animals, this is a real benefit.
 The second primary function is the conservation of species. Zoos preserve species in many ways. One example is the preservation of habitats for animals. As the society has been more and more modernized and industrialized, natural habitats for wild animals have been decreasing rapidly. Under these circumstances, it is better for some animals to be in zoos because they can live in more comfortable conditions in zoos. Another example is captive breeding. Many stories have been reported that zoos successfully breed endangered species such as Socorro dove, red pandas, and so on.
 As I mentioned, I believe that there are the aforementioned two primary functions in zoos.