Environment 20


The controversy surrounding the use of animals in experiments



 Nowadays there is a growing controversy surrounding the use of animals in experiments, and I believe the reasons are primarily twofold.
 The first reason is that it is a breach of animal rights. The biggest problem is that scientists use animals with knowing that it may cause serious effects on animals’ bodies. Intentional harm to any living thing is by all means unethical. No one has the right to play with animals’ lives. Therefore animal experimentation is morally unreasonable.
 The second reason is that it is useless for human medicine because even if an experiment is successful in animals, it does not mean that it works for humans because all animals have different biological features. For example chimpanzees are immune to HIV and naked mole rats have a high resistance to cancer which has never been observed in them. Furthermore, it may have serious side effects which have never observed in animal testing on humans. For instance, animal research has failed to find harmful effects of a sedative drug called “thalidomide” which caused serious birth defects. Hence animal experimentation is medically illogical.
 In conclusion, the reasons for the controversy surrounding the use of animals in experiments are twofold as above stated.