Environment 19


How can people help to save endangered species?



 Since biodiversity has crucial importance to human lives and it has been deteriorating, saving endangered species is an imperative problem. Now I would like to mention the four primary ways to save endangered species.
 The first primary way is to ascertain the current situation and the causes because this is the most appropriate first action to tackle any problems. If one does not know the current status and what the causes are, they cannot take proper measures.
 The second primary way is the re-establishment of natural habitats of endangered species because loss of natural habitats is one of the most critical causes of animal extinction.
 The third primary way is to solve environmental problems because environmental problems like global warming and pollution and so on, seriously affect the conservation of endangered species.
 The fourth primary way is to promote each individual’s awareness of the importance of saving endangered species because each individual's cooperation is essential to solve the extinction problem.
 In conclusion, I believe the primary ways to save endangered species are to ascertain the current situation and the causes, the re-establishment of the natural habitats, to solve environmental problems, and to promote each individual’s awareness of the importance.