Environment 17


Protecting animals in danger of extinction



 I believe it is very important to protect animals in danger of extinction because biodiversity is the key to sustainable ecosystem and many products such as medicine and foods and so on, are developed from animals. Hence humanity must conserve endangered species by the two following measures.
 The first measure is to re-establish natural habitats for wild animals. As the society has been more and more industrialized, the natural habitats have been severely affected. Then due to lack of habitats, many animals such as koala bears and gorillas and many amphibians and so on, are on the verge of extinction. Hence re-establishment of natural habitats for wild animals is one of the most effective ways of preventing extinction of species.
 The second measure is to solve environmental problems because deteriorating environment has devastating effects on fauna. For example polar ice has been melting rapidly, which has deleterious effects on polar bears. For another example, deforestation exacerbates droughts, which causes lack of food and drinking water for many wild animals. Therefore it is imperative to solve environmental problems in order to protect animals from extinction.
 In conclusion, it is very important to protect animals in danger of extinction because of the aforesaid reason, and the aforementioned two measures are the most effectual.