Environment 16


Mass consumption society vs. recycling-oriented society



 Although some people are for mass consumption society and other people are for recycling-oriented society, I believe it is best to utilize the both of them.
  Mass consumption society provides material abundance. As the society has been more and more industrialized, one can enjoy a lot of material things with low cost, which certainly enrich one's life. Recycling-oriented society is eco-friendly and this is certainly the most important thing considering the current environmental situation. There is nothing wrong with utilizing these things with following proper measures for the disadvantages.
 The major disadvantage of mass consumption society is environmental problems and the increase in working hours. As to environmental problems, the development of biodegradable products and natural power generation are the best solution. As to the increase in working hours, one should stop working so hard since developed countries are already rich materially. There are many other imperative things to deal with, such as world peace, environment, poverty, and so on.
 The major disadvantage of recycling-oriented society is that it can prevent developing countries from industrializing. As to solution, people in developed countries should shift from working so hard for the development of their own countries to supporting developing countries.
 In conclusion, I believe it is best to utilize the both of them with aforementioned proper measures for the disadvantages.


大量消費社会 対 循環型社会です。