Environment 15


How to prevent illegal dumping of waste



 Nowadays, the amount of waste is increasing and many landfills are full, and have closed down and some types of waste are highly hazardous to the environment, it is significantly important to reduce garbage and prevent illegal dumping of waste. Now I would like to mention two major ways to prevent illegal dumping of waste.
 The first major way is the development and diffusion of products that can return to the soil because if dumped garbage returns to the soil as a nutrient, it is no longer a problem.
 The second major way is to lead people to a better understanding of the environment. I strongly believe that the key to preventing illegal garbage dumping is people’s individual sense of responsibility. To put it in an extreme way, if every single person on earth has a strong enough sense of responsibility not to dump waste illegally, the matter is all settled. Therefore the government should lead people to learn the importance of not dumping waste, the current condition of the environment, the shortage of landfills and the effects of incineration and so on.
 In conclusion, I believe the aforementioned two major ways are the most effective solutions to illegal dumping of waste.