Environment 14


How can we decrease waste [garbage]?



 I believe there are three major ways to decrease waste.
 The first major way is to reduce the amount of garbage. The simplest way to decrease waste is to try to reduce garbage people produce. This can be implemented easily by people’s more attention.
 The second major way is to reuse waste. Returnable garbage is no longer waste and the most effective way to popularize recycling is the enactment of recycling laws. If it is mandatory to recycle, more people who don’t used to recycle will comply. Moreover, the requirement of recycling improves the people’s comprehension of the environment and this is a real benefit because each individual’s sense of responsibility for the environment is the key to reduce garbage.
 The third major way is to turn waste into profit. Since it is unrealistic not to produce waste at all especially in developed countries and harmless garbage is no problem, the key to reduce waste is to develop everyday consumables which can return to the soil. For example, people can use bioplastics or organic plastics which are renewable biomass sources.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforesaid three major ways to decrease waste.