Environment 13


Would daylight saving time be beneficial for Japan?



 Although some people believe daylight saving time is not for Japan, I am for it for the following three reasons.
 Firstly, daylight saving time has many beneficial influences on human health. It is very natural for people to live according to the sun and seasons. Actually, it is abnormal and unhealthy to follow the fixed time of rising and bedtime irrespective of the sun.
 Secondly, daylight saving time allows people to save electricity. Since it is imperative to reduce the use of electricity for the environment, this is a real benefit.
 Thirdly, reasons against daylight saving time in Japan are all unconvincing. Although some people say it confuses people, this is merely an excuse for avoiding change. People will soon get used to it. Moreover, some people are against it because the sunrise time varies from place to place in Japan, or it confuses computers, or some people work until late at night whether it is implemented or not, but these are not specific to Japan. Furthermore, some people say that daylight saving time makes people use air conditioners more at home, but they use them in the office too.
 In conclusion, for the aforesaid three reasons, I think daylight saving time would be beneficial for Japan.


そういえば、Japan Timesを読んでいた時も、「daylight saving time is not for me」という、サマータイムに反対派の意見が書かれたものを、読者の投稿欄で読んだ覚えがあります。