Environment 12


How to alleviate water shortage problems



 Since over 1.2 billion people lack access to clean water and uncountable number of people died due to it, water shortage is one of the most impending problems. Now I would like to mention two major ways to alleviate it.
 The first major way is water conservation. Since one of the biggest causes of water shortage is the increase in demand of water. As the standard of living in developed countries has augmented, the amount of water the people use has massively increased. They have come to take a shower or bath and do laundry and so on much more than they use to. Putting this fact into consideration, it is imperative for people in developed countries to try to conserve and deliver as much water as possible to developing countries.
 The second major way is amelioration of the environment. Many environmental issues play a crucial role in water shortage. Deforestation causes lack of clean water because forests ensure clean water by absorption of rain water in a while. Moreover abnormal weather aggravates water shortage because the primary cause of it is lack of precipitation.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforementioned two major ways to alleviate water shortage problems.