Environment 11


The environmental issue that most concerns human civilization



 I believe the environmental issue that most concerns human civilization is abnormal weather and I would like to mention the reasons and some solutions for it.
 The first reason is that abnormal weather directly affects every person in the world. As long as one lives on the earth, no matter where, it impinges on all the people.
 The second reason is that abnormal weather has serious repercussions on many aspects of life. For example, it affects agriculture and consequently, it has detrimental effects on people. Agriculturists will not be able to make ends meet. The agriculture-dependent economy will collapse and so on.
 The final reason is that abnormal weather could cause human extinction in an extreme case. For instance, a substantial decrease in precipitation may have serious consequences for human beings.
 As for solution, the first step is each individual’s sense of responsibility for the environment because the environment will continue to be destroyed unless everyone cooperates. Then, the most effective solution is the development of eco-friendly power generation because harmful power generation is one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution that causes abnormal climate.
 As I mentioned, I believe the most concerned environmental issue is abnormal weather.