Environment 10


Cars - convenience vs. Environmental concern



 Often it is said that the major merit of cars is convenience and the major demerit is environmental effects.
 When it comes to the convenience, often cars are the best means of transportation of goods when other means take too much time. Furthermore, in some region especially rural areas, cars are not only convenient but indispensable because of lack of public transportation. On top of that in some countries, the public transportation goes on strike frequently. Taking these facts into account, it can be said that cars are one of the most convenient means of transportation.
 As for the environmental concern, the biggest problem is air pollution. Cars release carbon dioxide and other harmful gases when they burn fossil fuels. These things lead to global warming which is one of the most serious problems. Hence, the environmental concern requires serious consideration. I believe the best solution is the development of green powered cars like solar cars because the combustion of gasoline is the greatest problem.
 In conclusion, as nothing is perfect and everything has its flaws, I believe the best thing we can do is to enjoy advantages and use technology to eliminate disadvantages.


車 - 利便性 対 環境への懸念です。