Environment 09


Are environmental groups making a difference?



 Although there are a lot of problems that needs to be solved, I believe that environmental groups are making a positive difference to some extent.
 Firstly, they encourage people to consider the environment. Since their activities heavily rely on the donations of people, they have to draw massive public attention. As a result, people will give more attention to the environment. This is a great thing because the first step to the preservation of ecology is each individual’s sense of responsibility. If everyone is fully aware of the effects of their actions on the environment, and tries to lead an eco-friendly life, it has a great influence on ecology. Therefore their activities to encourage people to protect the environment have certain benefits.
 As for the problems, they have to keep their activities legal. They have committed many criminal actions. Some of the members have resorted to extremes. I believe the end does not justify the means. Resorting to illegal activity in order to achieve something is nothing but terrorism and it should not be allowed.
 In conclusion, are environmental groups making a difference? Yes, however they must protect the law as well as the environment.