Environment 08


Government’s responsibility to protect the environment



 I strongly believe that government is responsible for protecting the environment for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that government should compensate for environmental damage. Many constructions and deforestations, etc., have been operated by government for years. Considering the fact that it has been destroying the environment, it is inevitable to take some measure about it. As for solution, I think one of the greatest ways to preserve ecosystem is to establish sanctuaries for wild animals and plants. If there are enough places where human intervention does not occur, we can conserve the environment to some extent.
 The second reason is that attitude is infectious. If government neglects the environment, its attitude rubs off on people and they will continue polluting the earth. Furthermore, each individual’s sense of responsibility for the environment is the key to the preservation. When it comes to solution, I think Japanese “eco-point system” which gives points to people who bought eco-friendly products and they can purchase other eco-friendly products with the points is an excellent system and other counties should follow the example.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned two reasons, I strongly believe that government is responsible for protecting the environment.