Environment 07


Roles of forests in the world ecology



 I think there are two major roles of forests in the world ecology.
 The first major role is habitats for wild animals. Forests provide animals with so many essential things to live such as food, easy access to water, place to live, protection from predators. Moreover, many endangered animals live in forests. Therefore forests are indispensable to preserve animal habitats and the key to conservation of biodiversity and protection of endangered species from extinction.
 The second major role is amelioration of environment. Forests are playing a lot of significant roles in environmental protection. As the saying goes, “Forests are the lungs of the earth”, trees absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen through photosynthesis, which helps to suppress global warming. Moreover, forests prevent floods and landslides by absorption of rain water and ensure clean water, soil conservation and climate regulation. Hence forests are paramount to environmental preservation.
 As I mentioned above, I think there are the aforementioned two major roles of forests in the world ecology.