Environment 04


Effects of tourism on the natural environment



 I think tourism has great effects on the natural environment in two ways.
 Firstly, it produces great economic profits to the host country. Tourism is one of the most important industries and sources of income for many countries because the more number of tourists will increase, the more money they will spend in the host country and the more jobs it will generate. Therefore, tourism surely yields substantial benefits on the economy of the host country.
 Secondly, it can protect environment through ecotourism that is designed for the conservation of nature. Quebec declaration defines ecotourism as the way to make aggressive efforts in the conservation of nature and cultural heritage and involves local and indigenous people in its planning and operation for their well-being and enlightens visitors about the natural and cultural heritage of the destination. So if ecotourism is more readily available, it will contribute more to protection of environment which means that tourism affects the natural environment in a great way.
 As I mentioned above, I think tourism has great effects on the natural environment in the aforementioned two ways.