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Should recycling be required by law?



 Some people believe that recycling should be required by law. Other people believe that recycling should not be required by law. In my opinion, I believe that recycling should be required by law for the following three reasons.
 The first reason is that if it becomes mandatory, many people who don’t used to recycle will comply. Some says that it should not be a mandated regulation but be a public incentive, but many people simply don’t bother recycling unless they aware that they could be punished for not recycling. The government should encourage lazy people.
 The second reason is that it reduces a lot of waste. The more people recycle, the less they throw away. The less people throw away, the fewer landfills we need. If people are required to recycle by law, they will try to reduce garbage. Since landfills and incinerators cost big money, it will contribute to the environment and the economic development.
 The last reason is that it leads the public to a better understanding of the environmental conditions. It is urgent for the government to disseminate recycling.
 As I mentioned above, for the aforesaid three reasons I believe that recycling should be required by law.