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Should endangered species be protected by law?



 It is often pointed out that endangered species should protected by law. I totally agree that people should protect endangered species by law for the following two reasons.
 The first reason is that protecting endangered species by law can prevent further ecosystem degradation and further collapse in the food chain. I think we should take some feasible and plausible measures. For example by imposing much stricter regulations on the poaching and trading of endangered species, we can save them from poachers and animal smugglers. Or by creating more sanctuaries, we can let them live without too much interference from humans. Because one of the most important ways to help threatened animals survive is to protect their habitats permanently.
 The second reason is that human beings have to recompense for the extinction of countless species. We should stop intervening in the natural balance of nature which has already been disturbed by human beings for many years by promoting awareness movements for the protection of endangered species.
 In conclusion, we should provoke awareness movements for the protection of endangered species and take some pragmatic measures to save endangered species.