Education 33


What makes a successful language learner?



 I think there are two things what makes a successful language leaner.
 The first thing is accurate pronunciation because it is very difficult to make yourself understood with poor pronunciation. For example, comparing Japanese to English, Japanese has as few as 5 vowel sounds and 15 consonants. On the other hand, English has as many as 12 sounds of vowels and 24 consonants. Therefore learners should appreciate the difference and how to pronounce accurately.
 The second thing is active attitude because it is difficult to improve writing and speaking skills with passive attitude. The best way to improve writing and speaking skills is to write and speak. Moreover active way of learning is more efficient than passive way because if you can speak a sentence with accurate pronunciation you can read and write the sentence as long as you know the correct spellings and also you are likely to understand it spoken as long as the speaker pronounces it correctly and clearly. Therefore active attitude is important.
 As I mentioned, I think the aforesaid two things are what makes a successful language learner.