Education 28


Are you for or against English education in elementary schools?



 I am for English education in elementary schools for the following two reasons.
 The first reason is that an earlier start can greatly facilitate phonetic learning. Children can learn a foreign language faster than adults, taking advantage of the critical period when the brain is primed for language. This is a real benefit especially phonetically because English pronunciation is completely different from Japanese pronunciation and it takes time for learners to get used to the phonetics of a foreign language. Therefore the earlier they can start learning English, the better.
 The second reason is that children may like to study other subjects through English education. Children will often like to study once they have a subject they enjoy. Many psychology textbooks say children will be more eager to learn and enhance their ability in all subjects once they have a subject they excel at. Therefore it is vital to give them opportunities to study a variety of subjects.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid two reasons, I am for English education in elementary schools.