Education 27


Are professional athletes good role models for children?



 I think professional athletes are good role models for children for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that they are making a lot of effort in specialized area therefore their way of life can encourage children to make an effort of their own. I think in a way sports are just like life. The more effort you make, the better results you can get. I feel that children should discover this at an early age.
 The second reason is that professional athletes discipline themselves in order to play their part within a team environment therefore their self-motivated way of life can teach children the importance of self-discipline. It is not only very important in sports but also in life, since we all must discipline ourselves and contribute to society.
 The last reason is that professional athletes pay careful attention maintaining their health therefore children can learn the value of healthy body and mind, since obviously there is nothing more important than health.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid three reasons, I think professional athletes are good role models for children.