Education 22


Public school education vs. private school education



 I think both public and private schools have advantages, therefore to determine which is better completely depends on individual situations. Now I would like to mention some merits of public and private schools.
 One benefit of public schools is that the tuition fees are generally quite low. The tuition fees of private schools are nearly double that of public schools. Moreover students who aren’t interested in pursuing an academic career can spend more time on the things they like because they don’t have to spend as much time on preparation for entrance examinations. Furthermore there aren’t strict rules in public schools so students can develop their individuality and creativity without being restrained by unnecessary rules.
 As for private school, the educational standard of the schools is exceptional when compared to that of public schools. So it is a real benefit to students who want to pursue an academic career because many students in private schools can move on to prestigious positions in society. Moreover, they can develop their own self-discipline through their effort in trying to keep up with other students academically.
 As I mentioned, both public and private schools have advantages and which is better completely depends on individual situation.


公立教育 対 私立教育です。