Education 19


Should the school dress code be abolished?



 I think the school dress code should be abolished for the two reasons.
 The first reason is that it hampers the development of students’ individuality. Forcing students to wear school uniforms only creates characterless people with a sense of sheer conformity. This is one of the worst results of education because individual ability is being valued more and more. People should get rid of stereotypes and appreciate individuality in this modern society where one has more opportunities to communicate with people from different countries and cultures.
 The second reason is that school uniforms are not suitable for people with health problems. For example, it is not good to make the girls with poor blood circulation wear short skirts in winter. It is wrong to force the students who are allergic to the fabric of the school uniform to wear them. In order to enjoy healthy school days and concentrate on their study, students should be allowed to wear clothes which are suitable for their own health.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid two reasons, I think the school dress code should be abolished.