Education 18


Praise or punishment ? which is more effective in educating children?



 In my opinion, praise and punishment both have benefits when educating children because children benefit most from self-motivated study.
 When it comes to study, praise is more effective in educating children because it will encourage them to make further effort in their study. If children receive praise when they are successful in study, they will feel that their efforts bear fruit. In this way, study is reflection of life. The more effort you make, the better results you achieve. I feel that children should learn about this at an early age. Moreover punishment will only lower child’s morale to study because nobody wants to be forced to do something. Therefore as for study, praise is more effective.
 When it comes to the situation when children do something bad intentionally just for fun, punishment is more effective because adults must make them realize what is right and wrong. If they receive punishment when they do bad things intentionally, they can be inculcated with a sense of discipline. Therefore in this case punishment is more effective.
 As I mentioned, it all depends on the situation.


褒めるか叱るか - どちらが子供に効果的か?です。