Education 17


The value of competitive sports for small children



 I think there are a lot of good and bad aspects of competitive sports for small children.
 As for the advantages, competitive sports can encourage children to make a lot of effort in order to win. I think in a way sports are just like life. The more effort you make, the more results are forthcoming. Children should learn about this lesson at an early age. Also, team sports build character, and teach children about the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. For example, children can learn the art of losing gracefully and winning modestly which is very important in life.
 As for the disadvantages, competitive sports can make children too competitive. Life is not all about competition. Competing itself is meaningless because every person is different and everybody is following different path. Competitive sports are just one way of learning to make effort, build character and develop sportsmanship. Therefore the parents of children who are participating in competitive sports should teach their children the value of sportsmanship and the idea that winning isn’t everything.
 As I mentioned, there are advantages and disadvantages of competitive sports for small children. But they are good basically as long as adults teach the aforesaid important thing to children.