Education 16


Differences between school education and practical life experience



 School education and practical experience are completely different in many ways.
 Firstly, school education is theory based and everyday life experience is invaluable practice for the future. Academic education is the result of endless research and approved endless teaching methods. While practice is firsthand experience and independent learning.
 Secondly, theory and practice do not always coincide because every theory has its exceptions and those exceptions can be identified only by practice.
 Finally, school education helps people to learn things by other people’s experience while practical experience helps people to learn things by their own experience. To put it simply, school education is a road map, and practical experience is like actually driving. It is easier to reach destination with a map but you can never get to the destination unless you actually drive.
 As I mentioned, I think school education and practical experience are completely different, yet both are equally important.


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