Education 11


Would a five-day school week be beneficial for students?



 I think a five-day school week would be beneficial for students in many ways.
 Firstly, it can help students to develop their potential to its full extent. Education in Japan destroys their individuality and ability to think for themselves while there is more value being placed on individual ability. Under the circumstances, increasing opportunities to study at home is a real benefit because it encourages students to develop their originality and creativity.
 Secondly, the prevailing subject-oriented system of school is not useful for real life. Ordinary people do not need to study overly-advanced subjects unless they want to become a specialist in that area. Moreover no matter how many days a week students go to school, unless they study at home, they cannot improve their scholastic ability.
 Finally, children can spend more time with their family. Moreover some research has shown that children who travel a lot with their family have higher scholastic ability than children who don’t spend much time with their family.
 As I mentioned, I think a five-day school week would be beneficial for students in many ways.