Education 08


The value of life-long learning / lifelong education



 I think there are three major merits of life-long learning.
 Firstly, it can help people to develop their potential to its full extent. Education in Japan destroys their individuality and ability to think for themselves while there is more value being placed on individual ability. Under the circumstances, life-long learning is a real benefit because it can help people to develop their potential and talent.
 Secondly, it can keep their intellectual abilities from declining. Research has always shown that if the brain is not used, it will deteriorate. Therefore life-long learning is very instructive as it can keep their brains young and active.
 Finally and most importantly, it will give people something to live for. There is nothing like learning new things and achieving goals in life. These things always keep life exciting. What is more, lifelong learning can stop people from becoming wasteful with their lives, as it gives them something to focus on. Therefore life-long learning is one of the most important keys to leading a meaningful life.
 As I mentioned, the aforementioned three things are major merits of life-long learning.