Education 07


What tomorrow’s children need to study



 I think the two most important areas for children to study are how to build an eco-friendly society and how to harness their individuality.
 Due to the fact that we are currently experiencing a lot of environmental problems, building an eco-friendly society is one of the most important keys to the future. For example, I think developing geothermal energy technology is an excellent way to build an eco-friendly society. Thermal and nuclear power generation are highly polluting so if we succeed to use geothermal power, we can get eco-friendly electric power. If this occurs, humans will no longer be destroying the earth at such a rapid rate, and future generations will continue to enjoy the planet.
 The second thing they need to study is how to harness their potential to its full extent because individual ability is being held in higher esteem in modern society. For example, I think home schooling is a great way for children to harness their potential to its full extent because, in my opinion education in Japan destroys their individuality and ability to think for themselves. So if home schooling is more readily available, the number of people with originality and the ability to think for themselves increases and this is a real benefit to society.
 As I mentioned, the aforementioned two things are what tomorrow’s children need to study.


(もしかしたら、Q&Aで、子供だけに押し付けるのはどうでしょうか?などと質問されるかもしれませんね。 その時は、何も子供”だけ”とは言っていない、などと答えればいいと思います。)