Education 05


Should English education in Japan be reformed?



 I believe English education in Japan should be reformed for three reasons.
 The first reason is that the prevailing grammar-translation method is unnatural. The natural order of learning a language is listening, speaking, reading and writing. Starting with the teaching of reading is opposite to the natural order. This is a great hindrance to learning a language.
 The second reason is that oral communication skills are completely neglected in English education in Japan. The students don’t have enough opportunities to use English as a communication tool.
 The final and most important reason is that English teachers in Japan fail to teach accurate pronunciation. I think the first thing teachers should teach students is how to pronounce English words correctly because it is very difficult to make yourself understood with poor pronunciation and English pronunciation is completely different from Japanese pronunciation. Therefore I believe English teachers in Japan should focus more on pronunciation.
 It is these three reasons, I believe prove that English education in Japan should be reformed.