Education 03


The increasing amount of disruptive behavior in school classrooms
How should we deal with the “breakdown of the class room”?
How to deal with violence against teachers



 I think the first thing teachers should do is identify the reason why children misbehave because each child has their own reasons.
 Firstly, some children misbehave just for fun. In these cases, they must be punished so that they can be inculcated with a sense of discipline. It is essential to discipline children properly.
 Secondly, children misbehave when they feel they are being neglected by their parents and/or teachers. If the teacher feels that the child is suffering from any problems and is hence misbehaving, then the problem must be addressed immediately because desperate children could be very dangerous.
 Finally, some children may have Disruptive Behavior Disorders (DBD). There are so many factors that cause DBD. Research has identified both biological and environmental causes for DBD such as low birth weight or child abuse and no medications have been consistently useful. Therefore it is extremely important to recognize the problems first because the treatment entirely depends on the condition of the children.
 As I mentioned, the first thing teachers should do is identify the reason and then identify the solutions.