Education 02


The growing number of children not wanting to go to school



 I think there are three reasons for not wanting to go to school.
 The first reason is health problems. Invalid or handicapped children tend not to want to go to school and I don’t think it is good to force them to go to school because it is bad for their health. Moreover now home schooling is more readily available so that these children can have more opportunities to receive education more easily.
 The second reason is some children do not understand the value of school. In this case, parents should make them come to realize the importance of school. For instance, if parents teach them how society works, they may come to understand it.
 The final reason is bullying. In this case, I think parents should pay more attention to their children. In this way, parents can help children to identify ways to improve relationships with friends. This may also require educational counseling where by the counselor can help the children who have a school phobia.
 As I mentioned, there are three reasons for not wanting to go to school.