Education 01


The causes and effects of juvenile delinquency or bullying at school



 When it comes to causes, the major cause is that these days many parents fail to be good role models for children. Children imitate their parents’ behavior. If parents say bad things about others, children come to badmouth other students. If parents use violence to children, children come to use violence to other children. These things lead to bullying and juvenile delinquency.
 When it comes to effects, the major effect is that as the number of bullying and juvenile delinquency is increasing, bullied students commit suicide and juvenile delinquents cause peace disturbance.
 When it comes to solutions, one solution is setting good role models for children. In this way children imitate their parents’ good behavior and consequently, they behave well. Another solution is discipline children properly. A research has shown that many children commit crimes or bully other children just for fun. In these cases, they must be punished so that they can be inculcated with a sense of discipline and as a result the number of bullying and juvenile delinquency will decrease.