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The increasing trend among young Japanese women toward working abroad



 Nowadays it is often said that more young Japanese women work abroad than before and I believe there are two major causes about this as follows.
 The first major cause is that Japanese women have been more and more independent. As the number of Japanese women who have a full-time job has been increasing, they have become more and more financially and mentally independent than they used to be. Consequently, it is natural for them to come to incline towards working overseas to broaden their horizons.
 The second major cause is that it is inevitable for some business to move abroad. In Japan, the demand is limited because there are only 120 million people and the population has been decreasing, however in the world there are over 6.8 billion people. In general, the more people there are, the more demand increases and as a result, the more profit it can make. Moreover, there are many excellent workers in Japan. Therefore it is logical for some Japanese business and capable Japanese people, irrespective of sex, to move abroad to augment their business.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforementioned two major causes about this trend.