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Regulation on illegal workers from abroad



 Since illegal workers from abroad could cause many dangers to citizens, the government should implement strict regulation about it and I believe that there are two major regulations the government can establish.
 The first major regulation is to give foreigners more job opportunities and work visa. In Japan, as the number of elderly people is increasing while the number of young people is decreasing, foreign workers are indispensable for Japan to increase work force. Since it is the shortage of job opportunities that produces more illegal foreign workers, this can be a good solution both to Japanese economy and illegal workers.
 The second major regulation is the stricter immigration law. On November 20 2007, Japanese government started the new immigration law which requires foreigners to be fingerprinted and photographed at Japan's airports. Since this law was implemented, the number of illegal immigrants has been reduced to about 113,072 from about 300,000. It is obvious that this law has a great impact on illegal immigration. Albeit there are many objections against this law, considering the fact that many illegal foreigners have perpetrated many crimes, it must be said that this law is a great solution to illegal workers from abroad.
 As I mentioned, I believe there are the aforementioned two major regulations on illegal workers from abroad.


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