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Problems facing foreign workers in Japan



 Nowadays many foreigners work in Japan, however there are still many difficulties for them and now I would like to refer to two major problems facing foreign workers in Japan.
 The first major problem is cultural difference. Sometimes, Japanese traditional custom is hard for people from other countries to understand. For example, Japan is a mono-linguistic country so that many Japanese people speak only Japanese. Since it is very time-consuming to learn a foreign language, this is a huge disadvantage for foreigners especially when it comes to work. However, this problem can be solved if we meet half way and try to reach mutual understanding.
 The second major problem is discrimination. There are still companies which discriminate foreigners. Some companies treat them unfairly just because they are not Japanese. Many companies tend to avoid complicated things and not to make any trouble. This problem can also be solved by mutual understanding because the main cause of this is the lack of effort to understand each other.
 In conclusion, there are aforementioned two major problems facing foreign workers in Japan and I believe the only solution is mutual respect.