Economy and Business 19


The causes and effects of corporate scandals



 Nowadays corporate scandals are rampant and strictly speaking, there are many causes. However broadly speaking, I believe it can be said that the main cause is corporation's lack of consideration of everything.
 Firstly, lack of consideration of customers can be mentioned. Some companies continue to sell the product that they know may cause harm to customers. As an effect, they will threaten consumer safety.
 Secondly, lack of consideration of society can be mentioned. Factories continue polluting and neglect environment. Some companies keep operating dangerous factories. As an effect, they threaten society.
 Thirdly, lack of consideration of effects can be mentioned. Whatever the cause is, if companies concern about the effects, they will never do things that have harmful consequences.
 Finally and most importantly, many companies do not know that companies that do not consider anything but profit will always end up collapsing.
 In conclusion, many scandals can be avoided if companies are more thoughtful and stop believing that profit takes precedence over everything. The only solution is to stop worrying and being more considerate.