Economy and Business 18


Discrimination in workplaces



 Although there is FAIR discrimination because men and women are different biologically, people with high educational background are excellent academically, however any kind of UNFAIR discrimination should not be allowed and I would like to mention two major unfair discriminations.
 Firstly, unfair sex discrimination is totally unacceptable but it is still rooted in many workplaces. In many countries women earn much less than men and many women have been discriminated against just because they are female. It used to be reasonable to think that men were better than women when it comes to work because many women would quit their jobs and be housewives after they got married. But now, many women continue working even after their marriage so that it is insensible to discriminate against women.
 Secondly, people still place too much emphasis on educational background. People with high educational background are just good at getting high scores on school examinations or bribe their way into college. In fact, many successful people didn't go to college. Work is completely different from school therefore it is irrational to evaluate people based just on educational background.
 In conclusion, any kind of illogical discrimination is merely wrong and it must be eliminated.