Economy and Business 17


Business ethics: product quality vs. the profit motive



 Some people say that product quality is more important than the profit motive. Other people say that the profit motive is more important. However, I must say that they are equally important and both are essential. Let me explain it to you.
 Firstly, as for product quality, it is very important because if product quality is not worth the price, many people will not buy it. Even if customers accidentally buy it, it is very unlikely that they will be repeat customers when they are not satisfied with the product. Business that does not have repeaters will never work out in the long run. Hence, it is indispensible that product is worth the price that customers pay.
 Secondly, when it comes to the profit motive, it is very important too because no matter how high product quality is, if they don’t make any profit, business will never work out either. Therefore, it is vital for business to make sure that they will make a profit.
 As I mentioned above, product quality and the profit motive are equally important, and neither of them should be neglected.