Economy and Business 15


The social responsibilities of large corporations



 I think there are three major social responsibilities of large corporations.
 The first major social responsibility is the recognition of the effects of their job. The bigger a company becomes, the greater the effects are. If they sell bad food, many people end up eating the food. If they sell a dangerous product, many people will have to have the risk of it. Therefore, they must recognize the importance of their work.
 The second major social responsibility is that they should take good care of its employees. The employees are not disposable pawns but the important members. Some company just fire employees according to their convenience. However, that is inexcusable. That kind of attitude of a company massively lowers employee’s morale and consequently, it leads to its inadequate production.
 The final responsibility is that large corporations should avoid any kind of prejudice. For example, they should stop evaluate people just based on educational background. If they evade prejudice, there will be many good things in the world because the attitude is infectious and will rub off on people and as a result, many people will prevent prejudice too, in the influence of large corporations.
 As I mentioned above, there are the aforesaid three major social responsibilities of large corporations.