Economy and Business 14


Increasing death from overwork



 I think there are three major causes for increasing death from overwork.
 The first major cause is deteriorating economy. Due to this economic recession, some people have to work overly in order to make ends meet otherwise they cannot earn enough money to live. Therefore, some people die from overwork. Under the circumstances, it is imperative for the government to boost economy.
 The second major cause is the decreasing working population. In this aging society where the number of elderly people is increasing and the birthrate is collapsing in many countries, heavy financial burdens are imposed on workers inevitably. As a result, people must work overly. In this situation, the government should take pragmatic measures to build a sustainable society.
 The final major cause is corporation’s failure to observe the labor law. Some company neglect the law and force employees to work much more than stipulated hours. This inflicts mental and physical stress on people and consequently, some of them die from overwork or commit suicide because of this bad working condition. Hence, companies should adhere to the rules and law.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforesaid three major causes for increasing death from overwork.