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Should companies adopt a more casual dress code?



 It all depends on the situation. Some people like police officers should be easily identified by wearing distinctive uniforms or on some occasions like a formal ceremony, people should wear formal clothes. However on a normal day at the office I believe companies should adopt a more casual dress code.
 Firstly, job performance will be much more efficient if people are wearing comfortable clothes. Furthermore office work is tiresome per se therefore wearing tight and stiff clothes only make people more tired. Moreover people can be more relaxed in comfortable clothes and many people can do much better job in a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore a more casual dress code definitely has a great effect on the performance.
 Secondly, there is no logical reason for having to wear formal clothes on an ordinary day at the office. It is a stereotype to believe that people have to wear a suit when they are working. What’s more, people can still wear a suit if they want. What I mean is that it is wrong to force people to wear particular clothes on a normal occasion for no logical reason.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid two reasons, I believe companies should adopt a more casual dress code.