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Is Japan really a workaholic country?



 It is often mentioned that Japan is a workaholic country and I agree with that for the following three reasons.
 The first reason is that many new college graduates start working soon after graduating from college. Japanese people start finding a job in the third year of the college while many western people travel, volunteer, etc, after college. Therefore, Japanese people start working full-time early.
 The second reason is that few men take a parental leave in Japan. Research has shown that the rate of Japanese men who took a parental leave is just only 1.23% in 2008. There are even companies that fire employees who took a parental leave. Moreover, in Japan there is still a strong stereotype that men should work and women should stay at home. Hence Japanese people especially male, continue working even when a baby is born.
 The third reason is that many people spend most of their time on working. Research has always shown that Japanese people work much more than the stipulated hours. To make the things worse, some company doesn’t pay for overtime work. As a result in Japan some people work unpaid overtime.
 For the reasons stated above, it can definitely be said that Japan is a workaholic country.