Economy and Business 09


Problems facing temporary workers



 I think the most serious problem facing temporary workers is financial problem and the only solution is boost the economy. Now I would like to mention about the problem and solution.
 When it comes to the problem, financial issues are the most serious for temporary workers. Their salary is much lower than that of full-time workers. Moreover, they can get easily fired or laid off because their work is easily replaced. As a result, the number of people who committed suicide due to financial problems has been increasing. Research has shown that in Japan more than 30,000 people committed suicide each year since 1998.
 As for solution, the only way is ameliorate the economy because financial problems facing temporary workers are mostly due to the economy. I believe the most effective way to boost the economy is to develop power generation technologies because in developed countries, almost everything requires electricity. Therefore the development of power generation technologies will have a significant impact on the economy. Moreover the development of any kind of power generation technology requires a lot of workforce so that it will mitigate the unemployment problem.
 As I mentioned, financial issues are the most serious problem for temporary workers and the development of power generation technologies is the most effective solution.


こういう”〜の問題”というトピックでは自分で考えた解決策も一緒に言うほうがいいと思うのですが、聞かれていないことは答えないほうが良いとも, 英語で意見を論理的に述べる技術とトレーニングとかに書いてありますし、どちらがいいのでしょうか?笑